“Bana Bana by SURAJ and Maximilian Doblhoff is simply mind-blowing and features the unique vocals of Alai K, lovely flute and lush keys over an utterly spell binding organic backdrop. Next to the original you’ll find an excellent selection of truly eclectic and ingenious re-imaginations by Djeff Afrozila, MoBlack, Armonica and C Minor” – Mike Fossati


Guitar & Bass: Johnny Udulele
Flute: Michael Steindl
Percussion: Idd Aziz
Vocals & Lyrics: Alai K
Produced By: Suraj Mandavia & Maximilian Doblhoff
Publishing: MoBlack Publisher (ASCAP)
Executive Producer: Mimmo Falcone

Published & Released on MoBlack Records

“Africa La” is a perfect fusion and unique mix of Electroacoustic Music with reflections of Funk, Disco and Afro Beat! This is the first album of Max Doblhoff featuring Idd Aziz and Baboulaye Cissokho, both musicians and vocalists from East and West Africa. Together they contribute their musical statements connecting different cultures.
A cross border fusion. Defining, in a sensitive way, how a European producer can enhance a modern definition and interpretation of African music traditions. This debut album combines juicy club sounds with African attitude and the listener gets instantly triggered rhythmic twitching.
The reinterpretation of his work using authentic rhythms and melodic riffs is the focus of this album. Max Doblhoff`s debut album “Africa La” is a melting pot and shows a variety of acoustic instruments like Kora, Kalimba and the exotic pear-shaped stringed instrument Oud. Also supported by a funky brass ensemble next to pulsating percussions such as Tomtom, Djembe, Tarabuka, Congas and Dun Dun Ba.
On his continental African journey Max Doblhoff caught the vibe and honesty of the African music scene. He also collaborated with African instrumentalists and vocalists such as “Idd Aziz”, “Baboulaye Cissokho“, “Ba Ousmane“, “Kombo Chokwe” and the “Kaya Collective“. These collaborations worked in perfect harmony.
The driving idea behind the album is Max Doblhoff´s vision of minimalizing the use of electronic production techniques, like loops and synthesizers, and focus on the good old warm sounds of analog instruments. He does not only use his ability to produce music electronically, but also benefits from his skills as a drummer and percussionist. In accordance to his spiritual understanding of African and European cultures and their differences, Max found his own unique way of producing the interaction of electronic and acoustic music.

Musicians recorded on this Album:
Idd Aziz – Vocals / Kenya
Baboulaye Cissokho – Kora & Vocals on Saba Bo & Afro Key/ Senegal
Kombo Chokwe – Guitars on Wanionaje/ Kenya
Kaya Collective – Horns on Wanionaje & Steel da drum/ Kenya
Ba Ousmane – Djembe/ Senegal
BigBaffolo – Vocals, Percussion on Steel da drum/ Austria
Max Doblhoff – Drums, Kalimba, Tomtom, Percussions & Electronics/ Austria
Sebastian Wiesflecker – Guitars & Bass/ Austria
Julian Hruza – Synth/Keys & Bass/ Austria
Johannes Fritz – Bass on Steel da drum/ Austria
Sebastian Porstner – Guitars on Afro Key/ Austria
Georg Barnert – Sax on Africa La, Flute on Djemaa & Synth on Saba Bo/ Austria
Music recorded at:
Ketebul Studio, ADA Creative & Boxhouse Studio (Nairobi/Kenya)
Gnawa Musicians live recorded at „Djemaa el Fna“ (Marrakech/Marokko)
Primitive Studios, M. Kamler Studio & Schallmayer Music Studio (Vienna/Austria)Produced, recorded, composed and arranged by Max Doblhoff
Co productions by Sebastian Wiesflecker & Julian Hruza
Mastered at Primitive Studios Vienna (www.primitive.at)
Cover picture by Beryl Charlotte (Mombasa/Kenya)
Cover design by P. Püribauer (Austria)
“AFRICA LA” Music Video directed by Didy Kimeu (Mombasa & Nairobi/Kenya 2017)
Camera – Drone shots by Matthias Peter Alscher – Bassenheim (Kenya 2017)
Released on www.Clubcruisemusic.com 2017
Booking Contact: “AFRICA LA” LIVE
Max Doblhoff (Electronics & Percussion)
Idd Aziz (Vocals)
Baboulaye Cissokho (Kora & Vocals)Mail to: max@clubcruise.at
Label Info: www.clubcruisemusic.com
Whats Ap: 0043 676 626 16 08Release Party – 23 June 2017 – Reigen Live – Vienna

MAMA JO featuring Idd Aziz was already published in February 2016 as the second single release from Max Doblhoffs debut album AFRICALA on the Viennese label Clubcruisemusic. Since then the song has been played by many DJ`s and has got airplay support on the Austrian Radiostation FM4.

The song is a felicitous mélange of analogue and electronic sounds, coming from live recorded instruments like kalimba, african percussions, bass, drums & guitars are used whereas digital elements are reduced giving the production character & flair. It is very catchy and makes you happy immediately!

Now two giants of house music have done their reinterpretation of MAMA JO as a summer special remix. Stefan Obermaier, a musical all-rounder from Salzburg, has created a fantastic Clubmix with his deep underground style. Basti Grub, a master of the German minimal Tech House scene from Frankfurt, reconstructed MAMA JO to a dulcet late night summer tune. And what a break!

Enjoy this musical journey to Electro Acoustic Tribal & Afro Club House!

Musicians recorded on this Song: Idd Aziz Vocals (Nairobi/Kenya) Ba Ousmane Percussion (Senegal) Sebastian Wiesflecker Guitars (Austria) Max Doblhoff Kalimba, Percussions, Electronics (Austria) Helio De Vanimal Beatbox (Mozambique)

Composed, Recorded & Arranged by Max Doblhoff Mixdown by Julian Hruza
Mastering by Primitivestudios / Vienna
Supported by Humana – People to People

Booking Contact:

Max Doblhoff featuring Idd Aziz (Live)


Label Contact:


Makadem has become one of Kenya’s most prominent contemporary artists. Simply because he is one of a kind, and yet speaks the universal language of good music. His personality is the one that can transmit messages to small and large crowds alike. Pure energy!

MGanga MKuu by Makadem was originally created & recorded as a part of a Santuri East African workshop during the Sondeka Festival 2014, and released in its original form on Highlife World Series – Kenya in June 2015.

This track has been made available to members of the Santuri network in order to remix and reinterpret, developing and supporting a collaborative East African platform for artists, producers and DJs.

A version of it found its way on to the digital release of the Highlife package 2015, but these two separate mixes courtesy of Max Doblhoff and Clubcruise Music provide a totally different spin on this bonafide Classic.

Doblhoff (DJ, Producer & Musician) himself is a regular visitor to Kenya and has collaborated with many musicians from the Nairobi scene. Here, along with partner Wiesflecker, his Step by Step Remix aims his sights squarely at the Club with a driving groove that highlights Makadem’s powerful vocals high in the Mix.
Elsewhere the two sublime Banda Westfalica (German Percussion Group) mixes provide a more acoustic take, with a shuffling groove and amazing Marimba Sounds.

Lyrics Makadem

Credits Sebastian Wiesflecker (Ukulele, Arrangement), Max Doblhoff (Marimba, Arrangement & Production), Banda Westfalica (RMX Production & Instrumental recordings)

Makadem – Remixed 2015 – More Infos, Download & support the Artists:
Makadem: www.facebook.com/makadem?fref=ts
Banda Westfalica: @bienenfreund
Santuri Safari (East Africa) 
Clubcruise Music (Austria) www.clubcruisemusic.com

DJEMAA – Max Doblhoff ft. Idd Aziz Max Doblhoff ́s first release with the talented and great musician Idd Aziz from Nairobi/Kenya. After Max & Idd were jaming in the Club Sikiliza in Nairobi 2003 the musical & friendship connection never stopped and we now presenting our first release Djemaa.


…how everything began:

Marrakech 2010, prophet Mohammed’s birthday on the famous ‘Djemaa el Fna’ court, extraordinary musicians gather from all over the country to honour the prophet – in the midst of it Max Doblhoff, who inspired by the music starts to translate the various sounds into his own musical world. DJEMAA was born. Max Doblhoff mixes his beats starting of with an original soundscape of the legendary market place in Marrakech, changing into mystical ‘Oud’ sounds, followed by Darbuka, inspiring Flutes by Georg Barnert and a beautiful energetic voice of Idd Aziz Kunya. It is a fusion of classical instruments such as bass and flute with synthesizer sounds and electric beats – a trademark of Max Doblhoff – which rounds off this unique production full of traditional Gnawa Rhythms.

To complete a nice journey through ethno grooves, electroacoustic, tribal & house music we are presenting three artists with their special Remix Versions of Djemaa:

Der Fux (Jhruza.com)

Stefan Obermaier (Driftrecordings.com)

Shanti Roots (Markus Dohelsky))

The vibrant, groovy sound combined with traditional Moroccan elements push the listener further and further – finally arriving into the world of Tribal Sounds :-)

Featured Musicians:

Vocals / Idd Aziz( Nairobi / Kenya)

Bass /Sebastian Wiesflecker (Aut)

Flute /Georg Barnert (Aut)

Synth /Julian Hruza (Aut)

Beat & Drums / Max Doblhoff (Aut)

Get this Release on iTunes, Juno Download , Tracksource