Setting innovative ideas in contemporary music has always been the challenge of Viennese DJ and producer Max Doblhoff. From his deep connection to African music, a long-standing relationship with the alternative music scene in East Africa developed, which was also reflected in the electronic music scene in Austria. In his capacity as a producer, he almost exclusively uses analogue tracks that he recorded with local musicians on his numerous trips to Africa! This gave the productions a warm flair and created an independent and unmistakable touch.

Max Doblhoff founded his own record label Clubcruisemusic in 2005. In addition to music production, Max Doblhoff concentrates on live performances with changing musicians and thereby contributes himself as a musician. A remarkable milestone in collaboration with long-time friend Idd Aziz began in 2015 and this also resulted in his album „Africa la“.

The album was selected by the leading Afro House record label Moblack Records for remixers and included artists such as Floyd Lavine, Aero Manyelo, Armonica, DJ Sobek, Makossa & Megablast.

Outstanding 3 EPs with the Kenyan DJ & producer SURAJ have been released on Moblack Records, Seresproducoes, Open Bar Music and Afro Rebel Music.

Own music creations were published on Madorasindahouse, Man Recordings and Moblack Records.

Max Doblhoff likes the groovy, funky club sound and provides a catchy handle for the listeners to hold onto as they pulled along. His productions show the deep-seated love of the music. Mostly analogue samples, coming from live recorded instruments are used whereas digital elements are reduced – giving the productions character & flair by the warm analogue sound.

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