Max Doblhoff creates a modern and traditional crossover between electro-acoustic beats from Vienna and East and West African music. His productions contain numerous analog recorded instruments and grooves that have shaped the rapidly growing African house scene in recent decades: Afro House and Afro Fusion, Tribal House, Latin, Cumbia, Funk, Disco and Electronic Grooves. His musical journeys through parts of Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Morocco), the feeling for the vibe of the countries and their traditions, the discovery of individual musical tribes and the culture of spontaneous improvisation shape Max’s musical style. As a live musician, Max is known for his numerous appearances at festivals and events, which regularly take him touring from Europe to Kenya.

His musical work began in his early years as a funk rock drummer and percussionist in various Viennese bands. As DJ MDgroove, Max conquered the European club scene in 1993 and launched his label „Clubcruise Music“ in 2005.

Collaborations & Supported by:

Idd Aziz, DJ Sobek, Hyenah, Basti Grub, SURAJ, Shanti Roots, Stefan Obermaier, Megablast, Floyd Lavine, Enzo Siffredi,  Black Coffee and many more celebrated internationally.

FM4 Radio Sessions: Swound Sound, Unlimited & La Boum Deluxe 


MoBlack Records, Wired, Open Bar Music, Afro Rebel Music, Clubcruise Music, Music from East Africa, Leisure Music Productions, Man Recordings, Seres Producoes.

International Clubs and Residencies:

Club Alchemist (Nairobi, Kenya), Gondwana (Nairobi, Kenya), Club J`s Nairobi (Kenya), Club Volksgarten (Vienna), Camera Club (Vienna), Club Roxy (Vienna), Club Taboo (Madrid, Spain) 

Highlights Festivals:

Beneath the Baobab Festival (Kenya), Africa Nouveau Festival (Kenya), Kaleidoscope Festival (Kenya), 7Island Festival (Kenya), Lamu Music Week (Kenya), Hakuna Matata Festival (GER), Fantastic Gondolas Festival (Austria), Kautzen Seedcamp Festival (Austria).

The first album „Africa La“ was released in 2017 with the vocalist Idd Aziz from Nairobi, Kenya and the Kora Player Baboulaye Cissokho from Dakar, Senegal. The famous single releases Djemaa, Mama Jo and Afrokey caused a stir in the domestic and international Afro House club scene. Since 2001, Max Doblhoff and his fellow musician Sidney Simila have been running the joint music project „Music from East Africa“ as a sub label  from Clubcruise Music, where the two ensure the appreciation, publication and dissemination of contemporary and traditional East African music to an appropriate degree.