When and how did it all start? Back in the 70s in Vienna – in the high times of peace movement, the first gaming consoles and in the heydays of funk & disco that should become much loved genres by Max Doblhoff. At the age of only three it was clear that his life would be centered on music. Back then Max collected everything he could get from small cartons to boxes and tubs, so he could set up his selfmade drumset on which he played constantly – day after day, with a whistle in his mouth, a notepad in his pocket and a conductor’s hat on his head. On his fifth birthday, he was given the long awaited children’s drum set. From now on his parents had to deal with the consequences of the generous gift they gave him. It was also their jazz and classical vinyl collection that inspired Max at this rather early stage. Later on artists like Jimmy Smith, Eric Burdon, the Blues Brothers, the influential jazz drummer Gene Krupa or also legend Billy Cobham influenced his style as a drummer in various bands. To improve his technique he filtered every track he listened down to the drumline visualizing the drummer playing it. Not very surprisingly he ended up with the band “The Walking Dogs” when he was a teenager and before it all took a turn. In 1992, exactly 20 years ago, Max eventually traded his drumset for a pair of turntables. The vinyl collection grew quickly and now includes classics and rarities beyond genres – from house, funk, soul and acid jazz to hip hop and downtempo. Eager to share his favorite records with his friends he started promoting his own parties in the late 90s under his alias MD Groove. Since then Max never failed to impress his party people, infusing his sets with warm beats, different world music rhythms and seductive grooves as he blends his favourite tunes from a cross section of electronic and non-electronic genres past and present. Through his extensive travels in the most remote villages of the world – his booking and his knowledge of human nature – Max eventually began an international exchange between professional live musicians, DJs and himself. Max always felt a special connection to the African peoples and their music, which is why he has intensified his work with artists like Aziz Kunya and Elio de Vanimal. Also there exists a particular bond to Spain worth mentioning since Max holds a residency at Madrid’s Club Taboó. Inspired by this worldmide mix of people and various instruments Max developed the idea of combining the electronic sounds from the DJ with live music elements. In 2005 Max and his partner Michael Schallmayer set the initial idea into action and founded the DJ/Live Band Crossover project called “VienaLoco” (see also VienaLoco). Together they both founded the label “Clubcruise Music” in 2005. The pair’s joint effort resulted in their first 12“ production ”Bittersweet“ with Philipp Staufer in 2006 – remixes came from Shanti Roots and Karl Moestl. The productions even if there is just the handful released to date show their deep-seated love of the music. Mostly analogue samples, coming from recorded live instruments are used whereas digital elements are reduced – giving their productions character and flair by the distinctive analogue sound. Max loves being behind the decks mixing and searching for the next fitting record in his bag just as much. His tracklists are as varied as his taste, always characterized by a groovy percussive beat, a touch of world elements and a dash of soul. Max encourages his fans to dance and takes them on a journey through his music. Yet, Max also worked in the studio of Julian Hruza  (jhruzarecords) for the past year. After teaming up with his Spanish rooted friend Sabbas Muck for their joint project “Doblhoff & Muck” their next single release “Train de Vie” is pending for January 2013. Slack’n easy they jump back to the good old days of Swing music and coat the track with amorous French vocals coming from Thierry Robert. In one of the “Train de Vie” versions you can even hear self recorded samples from the Viennese Underground. We recommend stayin’ tuned!