Electro Acoustic Live

Vienaloco is dedicated to 
Electronic Groove, Funk, Disco Afro Latin beats to Deep, Tribal House and Worldmusic. Combining acoustic and electronic elements makes the crowd crazy on the dance floor and is visible for the unique Sound.

The strength of the loco band lies in the improvisation talent of its musicians with many years of band experience. VienaLoco ‚makes music in and for the moment – as diverse and colorful as the musicians themselves. No matter if Acid Jazz, Electro Funk, Hip Hop Breaks, Disco, Deep & Tribal House, Afro / Latin / Cumbia … is served, deliver Max Doblhoff and his musicians excellent crazy food for the dance floors!

Booking Contact: ‘VienaLoco’ Musicians – Austria:

Max Doblhoff – Turntables, Drums/Percussion
Stoney The Flute – Jazz Flute
Sascha Strohmaier – Latin Percussion

Guest musicians:

Ibou – Djembe (Vienna/Senegal)

Karim Thiam – Talking Drum (Vienna/ Senegal)

Amon – Guitars (Vienna)

Funky George – Sax/Flute/Clarinet
Jürgen Jagfeld – Sax
Hannes Van Dam – Keys
Sebastian Wiesflecker – Guitars

Vienaloco – Live Recordings:

VienaLoco – Live Sessions:

It all started in the Club Roxy – Vienna when Max Doblhoff & Jakob Zdarsky started the Live & DJ Crossover club evening FOXIROXY! Due to the great success of this club series, the crossover project „VienaLoco“ was created in 2005. After numerous live performances, both nationally and internationally, VienaLoco is today an integral part of the Austrian music scene. Especially in the last few years, when the trend back to analog music is increasingly felt, VienaLoco ‚enjoys great popularity.

The self-composed tracks are then mostly by Max Doblhoff, the producer / musician SebastianWiesflecker and the founding member Michael Schallmayer.