Max’ dedication to live music was also expressed in the joint project “Groovekompott” which is better known as the notable “Nagelhof”-project – named after a property located in Lower Austria which provided a summer hideout from the city of Vienna. A collective of musicians around Max Doblhoff & Michael Schallmayer (Groovekompott) gathered at „Nagelhof“ seizing the summer and enjoying music from 2001 to 2010. In the midst of nature supported by the helping hand of the special ‘Nagelhof community’ a non-profit Mini-Festival emerged over the years, spreading the unique spirit of friendship, music and companionship. What people searched for and experienced at the ‘Nagelhof’ was as versatile as the individuals themselves – yet, they were all united by the joy of music and the love for this unconventional project.

Radio FM4-Voice John Megill:

“…the real thing. The ‘Nagelhof’ is the real thing. Music as it has been made forever. A big bunch of friendly, happy people in the woods gathered around the fire, dancing, drinking, eating and making….music. The ‘Nagelhof’ is what marketing executives want u to imagine you’re getting when they sell you an expensive stadium concert ticket disguised as ‘festival pass’.

Come to think of it, the ‘Nagelhof’ really should be kept a secret.”

Electro Acoustic Music Project Supporting Live & Electronic Music/ Productions & Live Performances   get a taste from the last Groovekompott Jam  – Nagelhof 2010

Best of Groovekompott am Nagelhof 2001 – 2010